Reasons Why Light Duty Programs should be Implemented in Work Places

light duty is part of what makes a return to work programs. Also, they can be different jobs that are given to recovering employees. For example, allowing an employee to undertake only a less stressful part of their job. Or you can allow them to work at a slower rate. Implementation of a return to work program for employees that are injured is very important. This is a means of communication great concern and care for employees. To add to that it shows that their well-being is being valued. It also is a way of showing them how much they are needed at work. Here are the reasons why implementation of light-duty programs is essential.

First and foremost light-duty work can help in the establishment of a new wage-earning capacity. This might not be the same for all jurisdictions. Those workers that lost hope of ever being employed again can rise on their feet again. In the event that you can demonstrate to them how the injured part can work you are assisting them to create a?post-injury wage-earning capacity. This means you can use this wage to assign them to an entirely new full-time position. This can ease the tension that arises when a light-duty work is no longer needed. Yet, consulting your local legal counsel is of the essence. Since all of these items are going to vary reliant on the jurisdiction that you are in.

The other advantage is boosting employee morale. Reason being it is proof of the employer’s commitment to keep them at work. On matter mental aspect claims. If left to the worker they can stay at home as long as they desire.?

From studies, it is seen that the longer they stay the longer they are going to get back to work. Therefore all this should be avoided and keep them working. Also, you will increase their morale if they can still get back to work. Reason being they have no fear of financial burdens.

Lastly, light-duty work programs discourage fraudulent claims. This is because they know they are not going to be sitting at home getting the money. With a formal light-duty work program the number of suspicious claims will reduce. These claims are the ones that are capable of costing the most as a result of?lengthy investigations, surveillance costs, IME costs. However, the claims might not even be at to you, to begin with.

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